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  1. 138 looks like it's got a good chance.
  2. 136 on the way next week.
  3. Took some off here at 136.11. Targeting 138 still for the other chunk.
  4. Getting back into some here at 133.35. Stop at 132.90.

    138 was a little aggressive. Trend is still bullish
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  5. Took some profit at 134.23. Planning on a push through 136 for the rest.
  6. Orders resting at 135.5 and 137.5
  7. Took 135.24. +~190 pips. Rest sittin at 137.5.

    Will add some back at 133 if it gets back down there again
  8. EUR/JPY still having trouble at 136. Should break through soon.

    GBP/USD on the same flight path. 1.40 should be a gimme. Still holding some long there too (I should maybe combine posts from the GBP thread to give some context)
  9. Sold all my GBPUSD. 1.3921. +~410 pips overall.
  10. EUR/JPY is testing the resistance at 136.50. I think that if there's a breakout it will rally to 138.00.