EURJPY & EURUSD Sister Pairs for this week!

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    Looking forward to another great trading week. Going to be focusing on EURJPY and EURUSD for some sell trades!

    For the purpose of the analysis will stick to EURJPY however will be looking at trading both pairs.

    We have already had a weak run for the EUR towards the end of last week, while Japanese Yen showed strong sentiments both Technically and Fundamentally.

    Want to take advantage of this trend get in for a sell on the EURJPY around the 122.100 area.

    Fundamentals to keep an eye out for this week.

    For EUR

    EU Labour Costs

    EU Consumer Price Index

    German Zew Survey Economic Sentiment

    For JPY

    Merchandise Trade Balance

    Foreign Bond Investments in Japanese Stock

    National Consumer Price Index

    For the sister pair EURUSD a short entry area would be around 1.12500

    PreTrade Analysis Video

  2. Did you film this in a restaurant kitchen?
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    Hi athlonmank8

    LOL.. Yeah i was at a coffee shop..

    Usually i do my analysis on the go... but if I am doing any educational video I do it in the office where it's quiet.. but for analysis I am usually at a coffee shop :).

    Checkout the educational videos on YouTube.. you will see that they are of better quality..

    Yeah in this video i am trying to be quiet as possible as not to disturb other people.. and also trying to get my message across.. and yeah the background noise.. can't help.. hehe.
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    EURJPY was a very nice trade! POst trade analysis.