EURJPY a good short from 138.50?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by azmi, Aug 9, 2005.

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    was just looking at the eurjpy that all the mideast buying in the euro seems to have subsided...the charts showing serious signs of topping out..
    Who thinks is a hard short at 138.50?
  2. I like the idea in theory - but it's just scary getting in front of this EUR rally (it's rallying on just about everything). Step in front of a truck before it stops and ...well, you know.
  3. I think it's a hell of a trade.

    Thanks for pointing it out! :D

    I'm short at 138.61.

    See ya at 133. :cool:
  4. This is a trade on political developments in Japan. Koizumi has called for snap elections, likely to take place in the next several days.

    Good trade - but be aware of the event risk.
  5. event risks make the world go 'round, pal. :cool:
  6. azmi


    what a kick-ass entry...right at the top ...137.50 now
  7. that was a KICK-ASS call you made, dude!

    I'm a hundred+ pips in profit and lettin' er ride.... :D
  8. azmi


    Boys (and girls...) I have been thinking about this for a while. But how about we all start posting our thoughts on expected FX movements and trade off each other. I am sure there are alot of smart people on this forum....and several successful traders. I am always happy to hear trading ideas and strategies from other traders who are looking to make a few dollars here and there...(or trade for a living as I do).
  9. Excellent call,

    I almost pulled the trigger on a GBP/JPY short when it could not break 200.23 :(

    At least my read was correct, I'll catch the next one . . .
  10. well, it turns out I bailed with 100-pts profit @ 137.60 - didn't like how it kept stalling.

    Then I watched it continue falling to 136.77 where I switched directions and took out a long.

    Yeah, I know... I know... I guess I am used to giving this market a war... or getting one from it. I don't too much trust smooth-sailing.

    Hopefully it will turn and do a nice little retracement now up 100-pts where I'l close it.

    And... if it doesn't... then I get to battle. :D

    I do feel there is some kick in the euro still that could propel EUR/JPY back up, at least 50 or so pts - will play it by ear and see what transpires. I'll take 50! :D

    Saham :cool:

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