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  1. everybody having fun trading euribor at the moment.

    jesus, one of the biggest moves ive seen.

    hearing a lot of horror stories out there.

    trading this stuff against the bonds is a joke.
  3. n3xtras


    So simple... be serious...what moves euribor ? Tell me.
  4. I have not looked at Euribor for nearly 2 years now.I do not know what moves it, nor do I care.

    All I do know though, if it is NOT following the the bonds- why trade it off the bonds? Sounds stupid to me.
  5. n3xtras


    trading ... only technical? ...i don't like

    I think forecast on Bce politic is the main guideline
    Liquidity needs in markets a second

    Anyothers ??
  6. Dude


    You Monkeys, You need to learn your craft, if you don't know what drives the Bor then leave it to the professional traders because we're killing it.....:D
  7. thereds


    Yep, you can't scalp the TED spread anymore - its dead. Aslong as you know the fundementals of how the euribor works and all the pivots in its curve you will be fine. If you don't, with its volatiltiy i'd leave it alone.
    That move in June which retraced in July was mayhem and it still is.................................
  8. thereds


    really choppy late on in the reds today!!!!!!!!!!
  9. kopite


    crazy stuff, boxes and flies are a no no at the moment, better sticking to spreads and outrights
  10. thereds


    to thin to trade at the moment, where is the liquidity??
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