Euribor Spreads

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by FGBS, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. FGBS


    Just started trading the Euribor and was wondering what months were the most common to spread off against eachother and what ratio is most common for people to spread the Euribor and the Schatz?
    I hope people can be of help.

    How have people found it lately? The last couple of years must have been a killer with the rates on hold but has it become easier/more profitable now with the higher probability of rate fluctuations.

    Any help or comments are much appreciated!


  2. twinx


    Hi, I started too, to trade Euribor Spreads...

    Which software do you use for charting, handling your spreads?

    How do you evaluate the differences between the contracts?
    For example, why became the M6 so much desistance from time to time, to the other contracts in the chart? Because he is the front-quarter-month-contract?

    Which fundamental info do you use? You watch also FGBS/FGBL... right?