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    Looking back at EURGBP again today everyone. Looks like price has almost reached our TP2 level. Cant complain at 200 pips. But i think round this area is where we will determine wether this will be a Bull or a Bear for medium term trades at least. If price holds this support level then we can get a nice buy for another push upwards. OR if price breaks below this support level towards the .236 fib then we can look for the retest of the break and sell for more downwards action. RM and GLIYF as always

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  2. Need to hold. Setup still valid till then trade what you see. Structural rejection and VPOC confluence. Reduced tick volume as we approach resistance. Till the Happy trading and hunting EURGBP Short.PNG
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  3. Targets hit .8682. The spread did is part.
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    yes all TP hit. Whats that platform your using looks funky
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  5. Quantower check it out. Might suit your needs.