EurexUS-What will it do to markets?

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  1. When the EurexUS starts trading it will be listing products already traded on the Eurex? What affect will this have on the Eurex products if any?
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    I don`t know for sure, what products will be listed. But i don`t think that there will be a big impact on the Eurex products, beside a bigger market and therefore "better" prices. (maybe!)

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    No. When Eurex-US opens, they'll only be trading US 5, 10, and 30 year futures.. in the exact same contract sizes as the CBOT's. In fact, they're mostly using the same lines and the same hardware as were used for A/C/E (the previous electronic CBOT setup, which was part of the now dead alliance with Eurex).

    To put it more simply, it's going like this: CBOT ditched Eurex's platform for a faster one with real-time deeper quotes and piles of strategy capabilities. So... Eurex is trying to fire up the old system in their own name, and to hopefully compete with the newer one. That's saying nothing about the lawyer war and fee war being fought hard from both sides.

    When/if that happens, it'll effectively just extend the trading hours for those contracts. They won't start trading in Chicago until they're closed in Frankfurt (isn't it kind of ironic Eurex-US is in Chicago?).
  4. Really funny, you wiil have the choice then:

    a) native stop orders with EurexUS ("A/C/E") and low exchange fees


    b) simulated stop orders with CBOT ("LIFFE Connect") and high exchange fees

  5. Actually they will be listing the Bund Bobl and Shatz as well. I think this will diversify some of the size on Eurex especially since the fees wiil be less. Hopefully this will mean a more "flowing trade" and less BS
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    Why not Eurex US to list currency futures & options, in the size of 100k base currency unit, to compete with CME?
  7. Yes -- they should actually compete in FOREX -- wouldnt it be nice to have a Forex platform that looks the same as when you trade Bunds on Eurex. You see the depth of market etc etc.. I would love to trade currencies but all these "forex shops" suck because you dont see the Real real market. I already trade the EuroFX on CME and its getting better and better on a 24 hour market . It will be a great contract soon -- Yen/dollar is still illiquid (especially on a 24 hour basis).

    I think all the banks who own Deutsche Boerse (Eurex is part of it) dont want that because they make a fortune with the old outdated way of trading currencies.

    But I am sure that this will change soon - same way as pit trading got killed by electronic trading. Soon we all have a great Forex platform - either from CME or maybe some other exchange.
  8. 1 week left ...
  9. Do they have any timeframe for Eurex US ?

    I would like to trade ZB, ZN, ZF with native stops and low fees.

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    They are starting this Sunday evening (Feb 8, 2004)
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