eurexUS gathers 20 MMs for FX products

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    Seems they try to do something right this time.


    Eurex, the world's largest derivatives exchange, today announced that a total of 20 market makers have signed on to provide liquidity when trading commences in foreign exchange (FX) futures on September 23, 2005, on Eurex US. An additional eight firms have agreed to act as Early Volume Adopters (EVAs), providing a consistent amount of volume each day.

    Eurex US market makers include global banks and proprietary trading firms with significant experience providing streaming two-way currency prices in foreign exchange markets.

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    When are they launching fx options?
  3. They have not announced a date yet for the FX options.
  4. Xenia


    Funny quotes with IB TWS for EurexUS ...


    Only USD/JPY future looks "normal".
  5. xenia ... what do you think of the globex CME fx quotes then ?

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    I have no problem with CME FX quotes.

    But EurexUS FX data feed looks like a "beta test".
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    Really? Can you explain it in a little more detail. Thanks.
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  9. Xenia


    USD/JPY futures via TWS ( 2:12 pm ET ) ...
  10. Eurex FX futures use the standard over-the-counter spot quoting conventions for each dollar pair. The CME always quotes in currency per dollar, which is sometimes backward. This is why they created e-quivalents to try to avoid some of the confusion.

    Also, apparently Reuters and CQG are not displaying Eurex FX quotes properly. Bloomberg, on the other hand, IS displaying them correctly.
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