Eurex Volatility Futures?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by verynewboy, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Is anyone planning on puntung on the new volatility futures on Eurex? Only 11 lots traded today!
  2. mauzj


    Yeah. I'm trying to trade those as well but no one wants to take my money.
  3. I'm keen on trading them...but the market makers seem to be sleeping, nuthin' going on there so far.

    The VDax itself is a very nice product to play with though ! Once it has decided to move in one direction, it just keeps on moving and moving and moving....:D
  4. I've done 2 lots. Does anyone want to lift my offer?
  5. Well, good luck with that trade!

    Just out of curiosity - what's the margin for one contract ?


  6. mauzj


    Afraid I don't know margin requirements. Though I should. Can't even remember the tick value at this point in time!
  7. Well, one index point equals € 1,000

    Minimum price change is 0.05 of a point, equivalent to a value of EUR 50.00.

    How was the spread, by the way ?


    Further info on the Vdax:
  8. mauzj


    The spread is something I do remember. It's terrible!

    For a lot of the day it's around a full 1.00 point. Though it narrowed to around 0.35 at times.

    Eurex don't really look like they can be bothered with this product and it isn't dynamic. i.e. you can't see the market depth.

    I really don't know why Eurex release these new innovative products if they can't be arsed to start up a decent market making scheme and/or promote it properly.

    Rant over.