eurex traders: be carefull with esignal

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by DT-waw, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. DT-waw


    See attached file. 6 minutes with no quotes, while there's green "OK", no errors. Without TWS quotes you can be in deep trouble.
    I can't rely on fully automated trading with such a reliability.
  2. alain


    I've had similar problems in the past. It's possibly due to their european data provider. They don't take the data direct from the exchange...

    hope they will improve the eurex data quality very soon. otherwise their name will have a very bad reputation very soon.

  3. Which data providers have access to Eurex? I haven't found many. Not They should.

    Its odd, but I've noticed that futures oriented businesses tend to be behind on available technology. I mean how long was it when data providers were still offering static (not streaming) charts.

    Its quite obvious Eurex is of some interest in the US, NOT the overnight GLOBEX trading.
  4. Ditch


    mytrack, esignal, realtick, cqg are the ones I know
  5. CQG looks nice from their web site, but I bet they are one of those $500 a month services. True?
  6. bone


    Aspen Research also provides Eurex signals. It is a few hundred dollars less than CQG per month. Yes, Puffy, CQG is several hundred dollars a month with most all international exchanges.
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  8. BKuerbs


    Wrong. I do pay about 700 € and that's considered some special offer including multi-monitor support and I forgot what else. I suppose that package had been designed to fend off eSignal.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  9. Ditch


    If you call the sales department of CQG and ask for a trial, they will grant you one. I tried it myself. I found the program to be extremely stable, but I didn't like the interface and the costs.
  10. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    As was mentioned, eSignal is going direct shortly on Eurex. As part of a larger company IDC, we now have a ticker plant in London. All European Future feeds should be live and direct around September.

    The other 17 real time European stocks feeds are all direct now.

    Also, rather than ~$500, you can get eSignal with all Futures for $129 per month.

    In the 7.1 release we will also offer the customer a choice of getting these exchanges in real time and/or delayed to reduce the exchanges fees for ones you don't need in real time.

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