Eurex to launch SENSEX futures & options

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  1. Launch on 4 October 2010 / New listings are latest Eurex product
    offering targeting the Asia-Pacific region

    Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the Indian securities market operator
    and Eurex, the international derivatives exchange, today announced
    that they will launch futures and options on the SENSEX, the blue-
    chip index of the BSE, on 4 October 2010 at Eurex. The SENSEX Index
    tracks the daily performance of 30 of the largest and most actively
    traded companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. It is a value-
    weighted index that represents approximately half of the float-
    adjusted market capitalization of all stocks traded on BSE.

    "We are committed to offering our members a diverse and truly global
    product offering across key geographies and asset classes. The
    SENSEX is the most widely recognized gauge for the Indian market and
    complements our suite of leading equity index derivatives", said
    Peter Reitz, member of the Eurex Executive Board. "By introducing
    futures and options on this prominent benchmark, we also will
    advance our efforts in the Asia-Pacific region by creating trading
    opportunities for customers seeking access to this fast-growing
    emerging economy."

    Madhu Kannan, Managing Director and CEO of the BSE, commented, "We
    are very pleased to be working with Eurex to develop a broader
    international investor base focused on the SENSEX. The SENSEX will
    now be trading during a larger portion of the global trading day,
    which will increase its appeal and value. Moreover, we see the
    growth of overseas liquidity in the SENSEX as helping us to broaden
    and deepen the market for SENSEX products within India."

    The new contracts will be denominated in US dollars and settled in
    cash. The futures will have maturity dates of the three nearest
    months, and the following March, June, September and December. Two
    market-making schemes will be in effect until the end of December
    2011 – one to support liquidity during the overlap of Indian and
    European trading hours and one for European market hours. The
    expiration dates of the options will be in the three nearest
    calendar months, the next three quarters and two next semi-annual
  2. When did Eurex last 'launch' a successful product?
    Could it be the fesx ten years ago?
    Yes this is bound to be a huge success...
  3. Very good.
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    Yes but at the moment you can only arb nifty on SGX against sensex if you have a questionably legal set up. The machines should be all over this one.

  5. Figures! Right at the TOP of Sensex. So nice of them to confirm the TOP is IN.

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    Dear .,

    Sensex is in general open since this morning, but the Market Makers are not
    so far.

    Hope to get issues resolved soon

    Best regards
    Ralf Huesmann

    Eurex Product Development
    Neue Börsenstr. 1
    60487 Frankfurt

    All watching the ryder cup and commonwealth games perhaps?:D
  8. That's a neat trick for the algos to be a) late for work and b) actually watch tv when they're in.

    This will be yet another spectactular disaster for eurex.

    When in the last 5 years did they launch something that actually took off?

    I wonder if that has something to do with automated market makers destroying anyone stupid enough to play.

    You can pass that on to Ralf if you like,see what bollocks he has to say to that.
  9. Anyone taken a look at the volume in there?
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