Eurex - The New Incentive Program And January Volume Plunge

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  1. hi everybody.

    well eurex got off to a great start for january.

    bund dec year on year down 56.2 %.
    bobl dec year on year 53.4 %.
    shatz dec year on year 48.6%.

    not the best of starts for the new year in what was a busy month.

    anyway a couple of colleagues noted that eurex are doing the rounds and trying to get some feedback.

    rumours rife they are considering returning the bobl back to a full tick.

    that would be a welcome start.

    the worrying thing is after speaking to them they seemed to be in denial about algorithmic trading and the damage it causes.

    that is very worrying.

    what is even more worrying is the launch of the yes guys wait for it

    drumroll ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    '''Eurex launches initiative to attract new participants
    New incentive program lowers transaction and connection costs in the first year after '''''''.

    what the hell is this rubbish.

    as far as i can see no help for existing users and lower transaction costs and help for algorithmic trading.

    im lost for words to be honest.

    the stupidity of the people there amazes me.

    with volume continuing to fall this is their response.

    what a joke.

    i fear friends and traders.

    i fear the worse.


    Did they give up this morning?

    Froze up earlier this morning for 10 minutes. Now it has been completely closed for 20 minutes.
  3. Bobl back to full tick?

    Will this really make a difference, since 99& of guys who used to trade it have left the game/ gone to trade another market.Even with it trading in full tick increments- it will still be a battle when 1% are human/manual traders and the remaining 99% algo/machines- Correct me if im wrong?

    The Algo's are here to stay whilst humans have been driven out.

    Trading in the Bund ( by daily volume ) in the third quarter of 2008 was 89% Algo 11% Manual ( "point and click").

    A guy I knew back in 2006 quit the Bobl and went to work in "Wendy's"down in Texas cleaning the bogs.He lost his whole account on a Payrolls release.
  4. TsunTzu


    Where did you get this volume break down from?

  5. TsunTzu


    Adjustment of the Architecture Throttle
    The Architecture Throttle limits the transaction rates submitted via either MISS front-end installations or via the
    Enhanced Transaction Solution interface and avoids that individual front-end installations or applications with
    extremely high transmission rates endanger the overall integrity of the Eurex Trading System.
    In order to further promote the usage of electronic trading schemes, the maximum transaction rate will be
    increased from 110 to 130 transactions per second and member MISS or Session ID. The increase will
    become effective from Monday, March 2, 2009 onwards.
    Please note: The Maximum Queue Length (MISS front-end installations only), which defines the maximum
    number of transactions which will be buffered in an intermediate queue while the maximum transaction rate
    has been exceeded, will remain unchanged at 250.
  6. looks like eurex still bending over backwards to accommadate algos to me.

    they are so dependent on their volume now they are fucked.

    every day, every week, every month, every quarter the volumes are getting lower and lower.

    when they realise that algos are actually causing damage to the level playing field system they will be forced to turn them off.

    at least liffe reckonize this in the stg return to full tick.

    they can see the volumes getting worse.

    eurex being the german super power wankers they are wont realise until its all over.

    oh i wonder where in their history books that has happened before.
  7. Don't expect an answer anytime soon from this German cunt.

    Every now and then he turns up says something stupid and then fucks off without responding,typical fucking Kraut.

  8. I am not a German ,I am a american.Wrong again.

    Moaning again about trading is not like it was in the early 2000's are we?
    Oops-The algo's beat you to a price did they?Or were you just to slow to even consider a certain price before the market moved?GET WITH THE TIMES!

    The data was obtained via the Eurex's Server recall program.
  9. TsunTzu


    I am unfamiliar with this. How does it work and how does it classify trades between point and click and algo?

  10. It's 'an' American, with a capital A you ignorant cunt!

    On another thread you said you were German,why are telling lies now?Or is it you are embarrassed about your shameful heritage?

    I don't recall moaning about trading,don't recall being beaten to any prices by models I just don't like what they have done to our market.The collapsing volume here is a testament that they bring nothing to the party,except of course pricks like you.


    If you think it's so great re-read the title of this thread,it might help you.
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