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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tfuad, Dec 16, 2006.

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    I noticed that recently TS is offering EUREX quotes. I've subscribed for EUREX I and II but guess what, when I type in a symbol search for the DAX it says 'symbol not found'.

    I had to find out what the DAX on TS was from some guy selling software!

    Does anyone know what the DJEurostoxx 50 symbol is for TS? I've e-mailed them but again guess what, no response.

    Would appreciate some help from fellow traders.

    BTW, I moved my trading to another broker but have no choice but to keep the platform until something better comes along.

  2. Surfeur


    The symbol is not available in the lookup TS 8.1 need wait 8.2 :cool:
  3. AC3


    There is a symbol list that they sent out as a link within a "Alert Message" I've lost the link however if you call them they may be able to send you the link or direct you to where it is on their website .... if your a current user a quick search of the forums should yield some results.
  4. TFraud,

    TS users have wanted Eurex data for years and years. There are lots of better choices than TS and IMO you would be better off exploring alternatives. These guys are a joke and a serious risk to your business.

    Kind regards,
  5. The TS Eurex data is fine. I don't have my TS up right now, but the symbols were very easy to find.

    You do have to 'turn them on' though, so that may be part of the problem if you didn't pay for them yet.
  6. tfuad


    I've not only activated both Eurex I and II on TS, but they've also billed me for it as well.

    But guess what, although I've updated to the latest TS Build, the symbol look up still does not work. I only managed to get the symbols by posting this Thread (Thank you guys!).

    This says a lot about TS, since`I e-mailed them last week and as of now, still hace recieved no response.

    The platform is the only thing right now that stops me dumping them entirely.
  7. AC3


    I went for the Data Feed as well almost the day it came out. I immediately went ahead and tried to apply my systems to the Dax chart that I brought up and got no historical trades at all ... was completely disappointed with it .... canceled the quotes immediately and managed to avoid being billed for them ..... I didn't understand why it wouldn't show what trades would have been activated on the charts and had no time to play with it ... figured it was a glitch that they would work out eventually .... afterward it just struck me as typical what goes on at TS .... slow to act and when it does happen there is more wrong then right ... you really have to wait it out until they work out the bugs in their system with a new product before you can proceed. I can almost imagine the S*it Show that will take place when they try to automate FX trades.
  8. What are the symbols then? I cant find them.
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    here they are
  10. I know for a fact that the Dax and Eurostoxx has a continuous symbol ( @FDAX, @FESX). Not sure if the others have a continuous symbol. If not you are going to need to know the whole symol ( eg FDAXH07). Also they roll when the other US futures roll. From the last time this happened the Dax wasnt ready to roll yet. So just watch the volume of @FDAX and whatever the current contract is and use the one with the most volume.
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