Eurex Surprises Everyone, Gobbles Up ISE

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by The Greeks, Apr 30, 2007.


    I guess the trans-atlantic merger boom is in full swing. First NYSE/Euronext now this. This is a really big surprise. I just met with David Krell from the ISE a few days ago and he was just going on about how happy he was to retire. He never let anything slip about this. Now I know why he was so happy. He's getting a 50% premium on his stock. Not a bad going-away present!!!!!
  2. This is big news congrats to the ISE folks.
  3. Indeed. Not a bad premium for the investors either. The stock gapped up over $20 on Monday morning.

    Contrast this announcement with the Dow Jones deal. No one had a clue that this was coming, while it seems that everyone and their mother was buying DJ calls ahead of that announcement.