Eurex Slow Downs

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  1. I have been in contact with Eurex with regards to slow downs in Bund/Bobl/Shatz June 06 contracts,on 28-03-06 at 9am GMT, i have been informed that this was a Global slow down with these products.

    Did anyone else experience slow downs at this time?
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    Every man and his dog were trying to hit the IFO and M3 figures, every firm I know had slowdowns. That'd be 9am BST though?
  3. Thanks, seems to be general response from other traders i know.
  4. Eurex has had issues with their matching engine for a while. Sometimes, I get late fills on the dax when the market is quiet. I think their tech part of the business is nothing short of negligent in their perspective what they should provide.

    On the other hand, I keep getting email updates about how they broke this and that volume record every month. How about spending some of the revenue to get a system equivalent to Globex or even LIFFE?

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    That's exactly what i was saying to traders in london today, highest ever volume records - oldest ever servers, they need to sort it out and spend some of that money
  6. I agree. I have met with their main technical staff including the guy who created their matching engine. They are so uninterested in taking any big steps. Eurex has been running on 64kbps lines (that's modem or ISDN speed) until last year while ever other major exchange exclusively uses T-1's. Amazing for an exchange that calls itself the largest.

    If the DD contract on CBOT picks up in volume, I would likely abandon the DAX. I always feel like I'm the last to get what I want when I go to the market. Granted, I don't trade as much as I did in the last few years, but I wish I could have a confidence in knowing that I would get the fill that I want.
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    i really think the problem is with your own technical set-up. i trade in a small office with just a few other eurex traders and day in, day out i am completely satisfied with the technology. never any late fills unless the whole exchange is slow and all exchanges experience this periodically, including globex.
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    It IS the whole exchange, you get the slowdown you phone them up and they eventually admit it is a problem at their end. In the last month or so it's getting ridiculous and very expensive. To say all exchanges get slowdowns just accept it is unbelievable, we pay a huge amount of money to them for the service and they can't be bothered to improve it, it's just lazy penny pinching.
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    They can switch the Bund and Dax to Liffe connect when Euronext take over.

    Germans flag 'concrete' Euronext talks
    By Miles Costello

    Frankfurt stock exchange operator Deutsche Börse is preparing to go into "concrete" merger talks with its former arch-rival Euronext in a move that ups the pressure on the pan-European exchange to make a decision on whether or not to abandon its interest in the London Stock Exchange.

    Following a meeting of the German exchange's supervisory board yesterday, Deutsche Börse chairman Kurt Viermetz said he was convinced that a merger of partners with Euronext is the "best possible approach" to creating a true European exchange.

    "We expect such combination to result in significant synergies and improved growth prospects for all market participants, as well as to create value for shareholders in both companies," he said.

    New chief executive Reto Francioni added: "As far as Deutsche Börse is concerned all prerequisites are met and there is a clear mandate to enter into timely negotiations with Euronext with the goal to create a European exchange organisation."

    A combination of Deutsche Börse and Euronext would create a European "super exchange" with a market value of at least £13 billion that would dominate equity and derivatives trading across the continent.

    As well as being capable of taking on the big American markets such as Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, the combined markets would dwarf the LSE and dominate equity and derivatives trading on the continent.

    Deutsche Börse operates the Frankfurt stock exchange and Eurex derivatives market, while Euronext was formed out of a merger between the French, Belgian and Dutch exchange. It now includes the Spanish and Portuguese markets and owns the London-based derivatives market Liffe.

    But the renewed warmth of the German group comes just a day after Nasdaq inexplicably drops its £2.4 billion bid for the LSE after it was rejected as "substantially" undervaluing its prospects.

    The withdrawal of Nasdaq - although it gave itself plenty of opportunity to rejoin a bid battle - could renew the temptation for Euronext to rekindle a bid of its own for the LSE.

    Euronext is known to be the favoured merger partner of the London market and its chief executive Clara Furse.

    Euronext declined to comment yesterday on Nasdaq's move although the exchange most recently welcomed Deutsche Börse's solicitations. It is believed to be considering its options in the wake of the American exchange's decision.

    Shares in Euronext rose to record highs this morning.

    Shares in the LSE continued yesterday's fall, losing 15p or nearly 1.5 per cent to stand at 1,028.5p after the first hour of trading.
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    Slowdowns over Trichet press conference were a joke
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