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    hi i am quite new to trading and i would like to ask some questions about Eurex

    1 is DAX liquid and volatile enough to trade(scalp) it intraday like russell and S&P

    2- what products ,other than DAX, offered by Eurex that are worth looking at for the purpose of intraday scalping

    3- what are the minimum margins for intraday and overnight for the DAX

    4- how about those sector index eurex futures like tech DAX and others are they any good for intraday scalping

    5- also are any of eurex single stock futures volatile and liquid enough for intraday scalping

    6- DJ STOXX 50® Index Futures what it is based on. i cant get a description for it on eurex site.. also how good is it for intraday

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    I suggest however you do your own research... :mad:
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    H20 thank you very much for the thorough response

    i try as much as i can to do my own research but i have no acces to eurex yet and i wouldnt know how to asses these markets..

    1- u said that some sector indexes could work for intraday scalping

    what sector indexes on eurex u know of that could work?

    how about the techDAX?

    how would you arrange the following eurex products in terms of suitability for intraday scalping (descending; form most suitable to least)

    DJ Euro Stoxx 50
    DJ Stoxx 50

  4. Mate you say you are new to trading and then say you want to scalp? Scalping futures is a tough game that shouldnt be attempted till you are profitable position/swing trading first. You are likely to get eaten alive by much more experinced traders. But if you want to start there I'd go for the Eurostoxx 50 the dax with its large tick size (roughly $35) and vol will grind your account into parking change in no time. Good Luck
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    Do I smell fresh blood, come on into the torture chamber of bund, bobl and shatz! Plenty of intraday to be done and over a million a day on bund volume :D
  6. Sounds from the post he'd rather get reemed in the equity futures maybe the fixed income isnt sexy enough
  7. The DAX will pick your pocket faster than a crack-addict in the Bronx.
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    Just take a quick look on the eurex site and you can see that the DJ Eurostoxx 50 future is (together with the ES) the most liquid equity future in the world (much more liquid than DAX). Also big option volume.

    Logically, the Eurostoxx 50 index consists of the 50 largest companies from the euro country's / exchanges.
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    You can compare the DAX with Russell but I think $$$ wise the DAX is more interesting. EuroStoxx50 is comparable with SP

    There are 5 future contracts on Eurex that have liquidity: DAX, EuroStoxx50, Bund, Bobl and Schatz. If you want to scalp the DAX and Bund are the most interesting. DAX is a big contract / Bund Margin is very low an this baby can move :D

    depends on your broker but I think IB is one of the best brokers you can get. With ButtonTrader you have a killer combination

    Don't touch other products, focus on the above mentioned products.

    see Q4

    see other replies

    In short: The DAX is one of the best products for scalping if you trade max. 20 contracts
  10. But beware, if you start with 20 contracts, you'll probably have to put your house up as collateral. And after one tiny blip...... The dax has just gobbled up ur house.
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