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    I'm studying for the Eurex Trader Examamination, and a lot of the study materials refer to the "Eurex Products" brochure. I've searched all over the Eurex site and and net, but can't seem to be able to find out where to get it from.

    Does anyone here know where I can get the brochure?


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    I know what brochure they are speaking of, because I got all of them on a trade show in Düsseldorf. There's not much more information in it that shown on the website about the products they offer to trade.

    I have also had an interest in taking the exam, what was your motivation? Need it for prop trading?

    best to you & have a great Christmas holidays,
  3. Hi jon,

    where can i find the eurex trader course, is it a online course or do i need to order the study material at the eurex exchange.
    i hope you can help me further,

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for replying so quickly. I need to do the exam before I can start trading on Eurex. It appears to be a requirement of the exchange.

    Sam - the URL for the course is



  5. I trade the Eurex (Dax) every day - without a exam.
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    The exam is only required if you want to become a GCM, NCM or DCM.
    Also, I hope that you're aware that the exam changes significantly by first of the year
  7. GCM, NCM and DCM. What's that?
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