Eurex options trading?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by liltrdr, Oct 8, 2001.

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    Hey everybody. It's a sad day. We can't day trade options anymore. But Eurex trades 10 of the most active DOW stocks. Has anybody day traded options on Eurex? What is the liquidity like? What kind of execution can I get through IB? Is the Eurex an electronic Exchange? Any info is appreciated. If Eurex isn't so great, I may look into the Emini's. If that doesn't work, I guess it's back to trading Pokemon cards... :(
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    eurex is an electronic exchange (worlds largest).
    execution is fast. i've gone over audit trails from future orders and from Hong Kong an order confirmation was typically rec'd around 300 milliseconds. i've read from time to time that they may slow down when it is particularly busy but i have not heard that first hand.

    IB's commissions:
    Stocks 0.1% of stock value €4.00
    Futures €3.90/Contract €3.90
    Options- DAX & STX €3.90/Contract €3.90
    Options €3.10/Contract €3.10

    I can't spend much time on the boards this week so if you require more info, i'd suggest setting up a chat with the help desk between 5 AM and 8 AM NY time to talk to a euro rep. If the moniker on the chat is ibzgXXXX then you have a european rep.

    If you still need more info, send me a mail and I'll pass it along to someone whom I know has european trading experience.
  3. Can US citizens trade equity options in Europe? My IB multi-currancy account seems to be limited to European equities only.
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    Because of SEC restrictions, on eurex, non-US Options and Warrants are not available to IB Direct US customers. Non-US Options on Futures are available to US customers.

    I never did or will understand why the SEC restricts US citizens from trading products on other regulated exchanges.