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    How often do Eurex margin parameters change?
  2. very very rarely...never seen a change on DAX since a while!
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    When does the Dax roll to the Sep. contract? Is there a rule that specifies the day?
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    tomorrow ... told you before
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    Last Trading Day
    The third Friday of the expiration month, if that is an exchange trading day; otherwise, on the exchange trading day immediately prior to that Friday. Trading ceases at the start of the intra-day trading auction on the electronic trading system (Xetra®), at 1:00 p.m. CET, as determined by the management of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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  6. The last trading day of June Dax, EuroSTOXX50 and Footsie futures are all 6/21, this Friday.

    My pragmatic approach to rollover rules of any markets I trade is starting to list both months one week before the last trading day, and watching the change of trading activity which is reflected by the bid/ask spreads and trading volumes.

    My experience/observation, without resorting to any written "rules" is that excepting for US markets which you know is the Thursday one week before the expiring week that is normally the third Friday week, and the rolling over that day is phenomenal, all major stock index futures worldwide roll over just one day before the last trading day, be it DAX, EuroSTOXX50, Footsie, Osaka's Nikkei 225, Kse Kospi 200, and all serial-month products such as CAC 40 and Hang Seng Index.

    Personally I prefer to trade the near month till it's volume is surpassed by its succeeding one.

    As you can see even today, only two days before the last trading day, June contracts of DAX, EuroSTOXX50 & Footsie are still dominant in trading volumes.
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    many thanks, jmk and SciTrader!
  8. I heard that trading in Eurex could be more complicated than US markets since there are a LOT of numbers published by different governement entities. Could anyone be nice enough to confirm that plus give us a link/idea as to how to get the economic clanedar so I am flat before the numbers come out.