EUREX HUB in Miami anyone?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by esmjb, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. esmjb


    I hate winter. Unfortunately as a chicago-based eurex trader i can not trade in a warm weather spot during winter without sacrificing highly valued connection speed.

    Since there is a hub in Helsinki (for christs sake, how much volume can possibly pass through there???) amongst other locations, i see no reason why it wouldnt be possible to convince Eurex to build a hub in Miami thus enabling NYC and Chi-town traders to head south for the winter.

    Is anyone else feeling me on this???
  2. esmjb


    anyone??? do people like winter or something?
  3. banana


    Can I have my own personal hub (whatever that means) in Aruba?

    On a serious note, do you think a "hub" somehow brings you closer to the action?

    Put it this way - if American Airlines open at hub at smalltown, does that make it quicker to fly to Frankfurt?

    Make you think doesn't it!
  4. just21


    You can have your own eurex server anywhere for about £20,000.
  5. esmjb


    i assure you it does make a difference banana. orders are timestamped at these hubs thus determining priority and then routed to frankfurt. for scalpers such as myself, even a 30ms delay has an effect. other types of traders prolly wouldnt notice much. nevertheless, every trader should want the best connection possible...
  6. okwon


    How much volume do you have to do to get Eurex to build a hub for you?
  7. esmjb


    i have no idea but i think it costs less than half a mil to build one which is a drop in the bucket for eurex. they have to see there is demand to build one in miami for them to spend it though.

    i think it can be done but please, only serious posters on this thread. im trying to accomplish something good here...
  8. just21


    Gibralter has a eurex hub, good winter weather, and a flat tax of £10,000 but you will have to giveup your us citzenship to benefit from that.
  9. esmjb


    yeah i traded in london for awhile and heard all about gibraltar. bottom line is miami is 10X better than gibbie in every way except for the tax breaks.
  10. banana


    So if I live on Pluto with my own little Eurex "hub" you are saying that Eurex waits for my orders to get to Frankfurt before it actions them.

    Don't believe the hype.
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