Eurex Futures on DAX and ESTX50 ETF's

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Kicking, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. they are not only illiquid, the liquidity is


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  2. Hittfeld


    Low liquidity?? More than on most U.S. exchanges.

    These are some of the reasons that Eurostoxx50 is a good futures contract to trade:

    Very liquid, second only to the S&P in volume traded
    A good entry level for new futures traders at 10 euros per point
    Low spread, normally 1 point
    Long trading hours - 8-10am to 7pm UK time
    Good TA signals and strong trending movements

    To learn more about Eurostoxx50 just visit

    and don`t miss there Helen`s forum! With eurostoxx futures you have the advantage that most participants are huge european corporations trying to hedge their positions, a unique chance for active traders.

    Its kind of a a slower game, highly recommended to newbies, also due to small point-value.

    See you there!

  3. Foz


    The Eurostoxx future is, indeed, a good contract, but I think this thread is about futures on ETF's and not on the cash index.