Eurex futures contracts historical starting dates

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dc101, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. dc101



    Does anybody know any web site where I can found out when the following Eurex futures contracts were introduced (earliest data date):

    CONF - CONF Futures
    FDAX - DAX Futures
    FESX - Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Futures
    FGTI - Dow Jones Global Titans 50 (SM)Index Futures
    FGBM - Euro-Bobl Futures
    FGBL - Euro-Bund Futures
    FGBX - Euro-Buxl Futures
    FGBS - Euro-Schatz Futures
    FSMI - FSMI Futures
    F2MX - MDAX Futures
    FEO1 - One-Month EONIA Futures
    FSMI - SMI Futures
    FSMM - SMIM Futures
    FTDX - TecDAX Futures
    FEU3 - Three-Month EURIBOR Futures
    etc ...

    I'm trying to see how far back I can go if I'd like to purchase intraday 1-min data for all of them.

    Thanks in advance and happy trading.
  2. ? the respective exchanges where the contracts are listed.