Eurex Early Close today?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by gstrang, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. gstrang


    Eurex early close today?
    8:00 EST and DAX stopped trading.

    Don't find any "holiday schedules" on Eurex's website.
  2. eggs


    don't know what happened

    ESTX still trading but not dax !

    Anyone has news ?
  3. traderob


    yeah interesting!
  4. eurostoxx closes at 05:30 german time -- that is 11:30 NY time

    Bund and bobl closes half an hour before that

    Dax closed !
  5. No surprise. The German Stock Markets has closed now (they don't like to work very much in Germany). So the future has also closed trading.
  6. The secret is, we don't need to work as much as others because we can make more in less time. We work more efficiently than others..! (e.g. danish workers) ;-)

    Happy New Year from Germany! :)
  7. Aaron


    I'm disappointed in Eurex that there is no mention of the Dax early close on their website. Here's their Dax trading calendar:

    There is nothing there about an early close. How are we supposed to find out about future early closes?

    Was anyone planning on exiting a position before the New Year holiday and because of the early close they are locked into their position?
  9. Aaron


    Thanks, RSPhoenix. I guess the early close was on the Eurex website. Just not on the Dax calendar page where you'd think it would be.
  10. can someone tell me the settings in Global Server to add these futures contracts...

    the data feed is eSignal, so the symbols would AX and ET...

    Much appreciated...
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