Eurex down

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Bernard111, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Eurex down... they do not invest on hardware/lines and the rollover put them KO?! :p
  2. KS96


    It's down since 13:21 CET here.

    Anyone knows what's happening
    or when it's gonna be resolved?
  3. KS96



    pre-opening phase starts @ 14:15
    trading starts @ 14:25

    All times in CET.

    Now, the question is why IB can't provide this information in a timely manner?!?!?
    Nothing about the re-opening time in their bulletin yet, and they customer service is clueless.
    However, I found the above info on the web. WAKE UP!

    Should we expect gaps?
  4. Does Eurex has an information Hotline such as the CBOT so you can dial a phone # and have info ?
  5. KS96


    My other two Eurex data sources started rolling at 14:30 CET,
    IB started rolling 2 minutes later(!!!) WTF is this?!? Do we have to remind you that WE PAY for this data?
    Someone has to kick their butts.
  6. Eurex ...maybe tomorrow the CEO will try to count the damage of image the day of rollover.
  7. KS96


    Anyone knows what's happening right now?
  8. From IB:

    To DTB traders:
    Thu Sep 14 03:10:12 2006 EST

    DTB is currently unavailable for trading due to technical problems at the exchange.
  9. laocoon


    I just got a message from Interactive Brokers, the Eurex is down because of technical problems at the exchange....

    What a bunch of losers (the Eurex), this is the third time in a few weeks that this kind of problem happens.....
  10. BKuerbs


    No, but an IB bulletin says, it is an outage at Eurex (since 9:04).

    Bernd Kuerbs
    #10     Sep 14, 2006