Eurex Does A U Turn - Bobl Full Tick Cancelled

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  1. in what is a blatant attempt by the algo/quant companies to continue manipulating the market they have used their influence at eurex to over turn the original decision to move to full ticks.

    eurex have shown their true colours and makes a mockery of their managment.

    eurex is just a shell company and is obviously controlled by the algos.

    what a fucking joke.

    Suspension of Euro Bobl Future Tick-Size Increase

    08.05.2009 22:41:01

    Following intensive consultations with market participants as well as

    software vendors the tick size increase for the Euro Bobl Future FGBM,

    which would have become effective on Monday May 11th, has been suspended

    due to technical reasons. The old parameters will stay in place until

    further notice. The changes announced in circular 67/09 and 85/09 are

    therefore obsolete.

    Please be aware that this also implies that the deletion of all open

    orders in the FGBM will NOT take place.

    In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact our technical help-

    desk which will be available on saturday between 13:00 CET and 19:00 CET.
  2. Have stuck my nose into eurex to see if the pressure, dead fish in the bed rumour was correct and have it on good word that it is indeed just the technical issue, which lies with a major front end supplier. TutTut shall we say for them not getting it sorted in time. Fingers crossed, this could still be a goer.
  3. There are only 2 options-
    Incompetent or corrupt?

    Even I don't think they could have f*&ked up the change in tick size due to technical problems -they've had so much time to prepare, and it's nothing new, just a reversion to the old tick.

    I would be interested in any info out there. I would call up Eurex but they treat locals as non-entities so that would be a waste of time.

    Maybe it was political. The choice was enhancing Eurex either by changing the tick size or invading Poland and neither could get unanimous support...
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    The move back to full ticks is "postponed" not "cancelled". That is clearly stated in the press release that even you quoted. Try and stay focused. I hope that you pay closer attention to other trading related details.

    If you feel that "algo/quant companies continue manipulating the market and have used their influence at Eurex to over turn the original decision to move to full ticks" then I hear Mel Gibson needs some new material for his upcoming conspiracy theory drama. Seriously, we did land on the moon as well.

    You are not even close with your wild assumption.
  5. well there is no date for the full tick so im assumming it wont be back soon.

    they have only had 8 weeks to sort this out so i dont see that as a reasonable excuse.

    as for the mel gibson movie i will be turning it down.

    however i can recommend brokeback mountain for your good self where you can sit around a camp fire with your pro algo buddies and have a nice time.

  6. It's like watching a rabid, sad dog chasing it's tail around.

    honestly, this really does make Eurex looking like a total and utter joke, doesnt it?

    OH DEAR!!!
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    can you explain to me what difference does the tick size make. I mean to me it makes no difference whether it's 5 or 10 euro.
  8. it matters to scalpers who make the markets and use first in line orders to get filled, the smaller the tick is the less a first in line order means
  9. Is there any more news?

    Any high ranking Eurex employee been offered a lucrative job in some algo trading firm?

    What a corrupt bunch of w^#&ers...
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    Wouldn't that be good for the algos? So don't the algos want Full Ticks too? Not sure why people keep blaming the algos. Perhaps the guys here lost their money-stream to algos?

    It seems like the only ones who would want half-ticks is Eurex itself.
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