Eurex DJ Euro Stoxx 50 is Rocking

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bone, Jun 14, 2002.

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    Anybody trading the Dow Jones Euro STOXX 50 futures contract on Eurex?

    It trades a ton of volume. Eurex listed volume of over 498,000 cars for the June contract today (06/14/02).

    I've got to think there's some opportunity there for a strapping Yankee lad. Wouldn't know about this equity crap, though - I'm just a big, dumb bond trader.
  2. It is one of my favourite markets. Are you a spreader? Do you trade the bunds?
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    I've never traded the DJ Euro STOXX 50 - but have been trading Bunds, Bobl, and Shaz for five years. CBOT interest-rate products for ten years.
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    Where is a good place to find info regarding range, tick value, and charts.

    thanks for the help in advance.
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    I traded Estoxx 50 all this week. I posted earlier in the week if anyone knew of a room where people are trading it, I got a pm saying there is going to be one, reason why I ask is it opens here 3am est so sometimes its good to have a room open, fia magazine had a graph on the volume of the estoxx I think its around 400k a day, but I could be wrong, I would really appreciate if anyone has the esignal symbol for the cash index of the e50. No mkt orders using e50, I tried it I would not recommend it, anyone trade Dax is it similiar thanks
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    You could just wait for the New York open, and start winging 'em.

    Seems like a really thick order book.
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    Good point, but from 3-8 theres a lot going on with the e50 its not imperative, I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was.
  9. If you're US based, you have to get up before 3:00 am EST when Eurex opens and stay on till 4:15 pm EST if you also trade e-minis, how could you fit into that daily schedule without getting tired?
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    I think that there are guys who are working another job, and want to transition into trading who could trade that timeframe.
    For that particular timeframe, I've got to think that this is the best equity index product going.

    What if a guy tried that timeframe (3-6 a.m. EST) and found that he could consistently earn two, three, five thousand dollars per night on a net basis? What if he found that he understood the nuances of that market better than the U.S. market? I bet he'd have a great opinion of that market.

    Ten years ago I was a daytime full-time engineer who traded CBOT Project-A overnight from 1 to 4 a.m. to gain experience and build my account. That way, I didn't have to force trades to pay the bills.

    You do what you can to make your way. Looks like a great opportunity to me.
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