Eurex, Chicago Exchanges get ready to rumble

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  1. Eurex, Chicago Exchanges get ready to rumble

    (Reuters) — Swiss-German derivatives exchange Eurex said on Tuesday its long-awaited U.S. exchange, Eurex US, will start trading on Feb.1, in direct competition with the mighty Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).
    "Eurex US will establish a level playing field in the U.S. futures industry for the first time," Eurex Chief Executive Rudolf Ferscha said in a statement.

    The new fully electronic exchange, based in Chicago, will offer futures and options on two-year, five-year and 10-year U.S. Treasury notes and on 30-year Treasury bonds — identical to those traded on the CBOT, the No. 2 U.S. futures exchange.
    Eurex, the world's biggest derivatives exchange jointly owned by Deutsche Boerse and the Swiss Stock Exchange, said it had formally applied for an exchange licence with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Tuesday morning.

    Many observers had expected Eurex to take an existing U.S. exchange as a partner in its new U.S. venture, which came about after the CBOT said in January it would end its alliance with Eurex, known as a/c/e, at the end of 2003.

    Eurex said it would invite U.S. market participants to take equity stakes in Eurex US and that a significant stake in Eurex US's equity was reserved for this purpose.

    Clearing of trades will be done by its U.S. partner, The Clearing Corporation, with whom Eurex entered into an equity partnership in September.

    The new U.S. exchange will charge no membership fees, and customers will not need to purchase a seat on the exchange, Eurex said.

    "This will give customers the opportunity to trade on Eurex US without holding a stake in the exchange, further removing barriers to entry," Eurex said.

    <b>"At the same time Eurex US will offer trading at cost levels far below those currently paid in the U.S. market. The vast majority of trades will be priced at 20 cents per contract or less depending on participation in incentive schemes."

    It added that the execution of an individual trade, irrespective of volume, would cost no more than $0.30 per contract. </B>

    In addition to the products based on U.S. financial instruments, Eurex US will offer futures on the benchmark German DAX index and the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 index.

    Eurex is expected to give further details of the new exchange at a press conference in Chicago on Tuesday.

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  2. >The new U.S. exchange will charge no membership fees, and customers will not need to purchase a seat on the exchange, Eurex said.

    This is the new model for futures exchanges. Since exchanges can now get their capital from selling stock (rather than selling memberships), just make the clearing fee low for everyone. In the electronic world, everyone is a local, every trader has a floor presence. Keep clearing fees low for all. The only membership level which would remain under this model is the clearing member.

    The CME is trying to keep a foot in both worlds. They sell stock yet they retain the membership model by which a person contributes capital to buy a seat which reduces one's clearing fees.
  3. Chicago needs and will kick some ass!

  4. Trying to compete with $.30 per they're going to have a lotta ass to try to kick.

    Chicago had better wake up or they'll be put to bed forever.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  5. virgin


    Eurex will teach those crooks in Chicago a little lesson....:D
  6. competition is a good thing.
  7. virgin


    The bosses from those exchanges are probably family

    of Al Capone......:p :D :cool:

    Away with those maffiosos....
  8. Pabst


    WTF! You living in movieland bro? Is Paper Lace your favorite all-time band over there in the U.K.?
  9. burnin


    Its a shame that the the CBOT is going to disappear.

  10. TD80


    "Mixed emotions, buddy. Like Larry Wildman going off a cliff in my new Maserati."

    One of the best and most overlooked quotes in the movie by far.

    I would say I like the competition for the fact it will force the chicago boys to step into the brave new world of fully electronic exchanges, but I just hope they don't go down burning in the process. Who would be the competition then?

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