Eurex broker in Europe?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by abraham44, May 22, 2007.

  1. abraham44


    Can anyone recommend a good broker for Eurex in Europe? Has anyone done a research about this?

    Open for suggestions.

  2. What products do you trade?
  3. petteri


    Interactive brokers is the most obvious choice.
  4. abraham44


    Hi, I am going to trade DAX and Bund. How are the quote signals going if I trade with IB? Isn't it going from the EUREX exchange to the US and then back to me? Feels like slower quotes than a European alternative, dont you think?

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    you can request to be on the european server.
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    05-25-07 01:55 PM

    Hi, I am going to trade DAX and Bund.

    suspect US native
    and infinity,proactive,ta are better

    They are not pure agent of principals,but germany
    based alsov not
  7. asap


    most german based traders i know use ib to trade the dax, bund, etc. i havent heard anyone saying is too slow, in fact, most say they often lose money because the price action is too fast! :D