Eurex And Liffe Fixed Income Futures Volumes Plunges Again

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  1. well these numbers are a shocker.

    take a good look at them.

    these exchanges are doing most of this volume on low transaction costs as well.

    the market will not go back to the higher levels any time soon.

    the game has changed.

    there just are the players anymore.

    be it locals, banks funds or algos.

    goodbye liffe and eurex.

    expect massive layoffs at the exchanges as overpaid staff try to justify their existence by supporting quant and algo trading in a decreasing deleveraging market place.



    BUND month on month down 35.5%
    year on year down 54.41%

    BOBL month on month down 35.18%
    year on year down 44.66%

    SHATZ month on month down 35.15%
    year on year down 42.08%

    TOTAL EUREX EXCHANGE NOVEMBER 2008 140.5 million
    TOTAL EUREX EXCHANGE NOVEMBER 2007 171.6 million

    percentage year on year change = DOWN 18.12 %



    month on month down 30%
    year on year down 22%


    month on month down 22%
    year on year down 11%
  2. When you piss on the true liquidity providers (locals) this is what you end up with. CME numbers are worse. Bring back the locals and the pits.
  3. It's about time these pricks got their just desserts,when volumes were on the up they were particularly arrogant thinking the party would never end,especially the shitheads who work at the LIFFE LMS dept.

    Whilst I'd like to see them both go I imagine that Eurex will be able to weather the storm due to their much larger volumes and lower overhead whereas LIFFE are a candidate for a takeover.Move the jobs to Frankfurt and sack 90% of the useless bastards.
  4. Anyone cares to post here some up-to-data data, especially about the ex-CBOT Treasuries Complex?
  5. TNotes down 68% when you compare nov 2007 and nov 2008.

  6. TsunTzu


    Bund open interest is the lowest I have seen it pre-roll for quite some time. ISM non manu day and the ten year note has done sub 300k at 16:20 GMT. The irony is that you would have thought there was more reason for these type of instruments to be flourishing during these uncertain economic times. Especially with the mix of funded bailouts and the search for yield. Still some extraordinary examples of trade flow in the bund that in my opinion does nothing to increase the likelyhood of a pick up in volume anytime soon. I would say on a conservative guess, 75% of my pals have left fixed income to trade stocks. Don't get me wrong, my motto is where there is a range there is opportunity, but it is amazing the amount of clear counter trend screw the local order flow prevalent in the eurex fixed income product suit
  7. ''The irony is that you would have thought there was more reason for these type of instruments to be flourishing during these uncertain economic times''

    this is the worrying thing.

    volatility has been at record highs and the exchanges volumes has plummeted.

    when this market quitens down and it will i personally cant believe the volume will go shooting up.

    too many players have been destroyed and no longer play.

    the game has changed.

    you will never see for a long while the higher levels of exchange volume.
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    The pits were only good for the locals, everyone else was at big disadvantage.

    Why would anyone except for the locals wish they come back? :confused:

    Electronic trading opened doors for so many traders. So the volumes are down, every business has ups and downs but Eurex and CME wiht their electronic platforms are here to stay for a long while.
  9. I agree that we are in a bizarre situation where volatility is probably at record highs yet volumes are sinking.Since i've been doing this that has never been the case,actually the polar opposite,we used to joke that we were recession proof.

    There is absolutely no way the volume will pick up even when volatility calms down,in fact it will tail off even more,some contracts will disappear by becoming impossible for locals to trade.

    For me the major problem has been the way locals of all sizes and experience have been forced out of the business.The exchanges,mainly LIFFE and Eurex put all their eggs in one basket with algo trading and now they don't want to or aren't allowed to play.So the underpinning of liquidity has been eliminated and they (the exchanges) are basically fucked.
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