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  1. is there any way that we can trade eurdkk?
  2. Open a trading account with a FX Broker, who have that pair.

    Or the complicated way, create a synthetic EURDKK, with for example, EURUSD and USDDKK, or whatever you want.
  3. at least in IB, DKK is not permitted although it is listed on its website and i can see the quotes.
  4. So whats the problem ?

    Just trade it with another broker. It isnt so that there would be to less to choose from.
  5. can you tell me which broker offers this cross?
  6. maybe, but can you be more specific about which exactly broker offers EURDKK for trading if you are so sure there is one?

    DKK is a regulated cross just so you know.
  7. Spreads are x-large on this cross. So if you where thinking about trading the range good luck with that. You where not the first genius to think about it ;-)
  8. Here some FX Broker with EURDKK, who might not scam you.

    gaincapital -
    ADM Derivates
    MIG Bank

    Broker with Currenex Software.

    i hope i could help you.:)
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