Discussion in 'Forex' started by falcon, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. falcon


    Does anyone trade grids using a bot?

    I've programmed my strategy on metatrader and it seems to be doing very well on a sim with little margin. It closes at least one grid a day and hadn't run into any trouble as yet.

    Can I trust my fx broker to not to interfere? I'm weary of brokers tapping into my automated system.

    Any feedback is welcome.
  2. TRS


    wary or weary?

    just put the cash up and play the game........
  3. falcon


    ok. wary. Happy now?

    I'm not putting money up before I know the rules of the game or in actual fact who controls it.

    Was hoping for some feedback from actual traders
  4. TRS


    was relevant.

    weary may indicate you've been burnt before.