EUR will skyrocket this afternoon

Discussion in 'Forex' started by filter, Apr 11, 2010.

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    1000 pips against USD?
  2. LeeD


    Namely, it will go to about EUR/USD 1.55 before the market opens at the end of the week-end?
  3. They change a diaper and the Euro goes up?
  4. as much as i want the united states and the dollar to burn to hell.. i would like to short EUR around >1.375

    im bearish USA but Europe is even worst right now.
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    EU is smoothing up after this Greek affair.
    Euro will go higher.

    though a little biased on the long side, in the end, price determines everything.

  6. I would expect this to be bullish short term for the euro but not long term. Luckily, I only went long with 0.1 micro lot because I "didn't want to miss a move". Had I seen the kinds of setups I'm looking for, I would have gone with a larger amount. If you want to read something funny, I actually went long against the Canadian dollar by mistake. My platform was on that chart and totally forgot it was not against the USD. Anyway, in my FX Open account, I ended up paying like a 12 pip spread. Sheesh, at least I know now the spreads are way larger against the CAD.
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    good thing your not drivin the bus!
  8. In the end I only took a 7 pip loss. I'm now looking again at the EUR/USD. :) I'm actually relieved I had a sell signal to get out.
  9. LeeD


    Only about 100-pip gap over the week-end... still pretty impressive prediction.
  10. 1000 pips this afternoon according to the thread title? I'm tempted to put this thread in chit chat.
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