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  1. Let's try to keep this thread on topic, guys.

    Does anyone think the price of Oil effects or influences the exchange rate of EUR/USD?

    It's just a flucuation,

  2. Yes.
  3. sccz97


    the self-proclaimed god of forex doesn't know? Incidentally, 'effect' is a noun, I think the word you're looking for is 'affect'
  4. It's really ashame the EurUSD thread got closed. There was a lot of good info, charts , etc in there.

    I am going to go start a blog or something. I have enjoyed interacting with all you guys. Take care.

  5. Yes, very strong correlation.

    The US Economy is based on Oil, and High Oil = High Inflation

    High Inflation = Dollar Value Drops

    Foreign Central Banks are literally scrambling to "quietly" move some of their reserves to Euro's. Most of these nations have much to much leverage to the USD and will slowly diversify.
  6. Almost there...
  7. I am long EUR/USD and short USD/CAD

  8. Just snapped closed my short (opened at 1.2698) for 20-pips - re-entered @ 1.2676.

    Short range scalp.



    (Hey Kastro, what's up? :D You're on the other side! tee hee hee)
  9. Almost where, Jerry?


  10. Hey DD. Now much going on right now, just getting everything back to normal.

    Right now I am not too keen on the USD considering the conflict going on right now. I am not taking a huge position as we speak, but if certain numbers are met, I will continue to add, but for now only time and hamas will tell :D

    sccz97, are you going to correct my grammar?

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