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  1. BTW...

    And, advanced ForEx traders will know this...

    This market changes so rapidly that, a call made may be changed at any time.

    And, I may not post just because I change calls or directions.

    Therefore, since this is the nature of the currency market (rapid changes) - moment to moment updates are nothing I plan to post. I'm not that into message boards.

    Just so you guys know.

    Take care, and good luck,

    #911     Jul 12, 2006
  2. LOL ... Registered June 18 2006 and a post count of 199 already.
    #912     Jul 12, 2006
  3. :-/
    #913     Jul 12, 2006
  4. I'm long this and short if it fails 1.83
    #914     Jul 13, 2006
  5. faure


    I just went long at 2696. Not because I particularly like euros but because I saw a good entry point and I'm short dollar on both usdcad and gbpusd.
    #915     Jul 13, 2006
  6. Translation: I'll brag about my wins, but when the market moves the other way, I just forgot to tell you that I switched my view.
    #916     Jul 13, 2006
  7. If you TRADED as much as you POSTED... the rest of us would make more MONEY.


    #917     Jul 13, 2006
  8. Says the guy who registered (this time) June 18th and has over 200 posts.

    Ivanovich: 1782 (2.84 posts per day)

    Drawdown: 206 (8.32 posts per day)
    #918     Jul 13, 2006
  9. I'm short EUR/USD at 1.2698. Have been for weeks.

    What are you, Ivanobitch, besides a pest?

    #919     Jul 13, 2006
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Not open for further replies.