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  1. Supply and Demand on the most traded pair in the market:

    Key Levels EURUSD

    Those are the next great supply and demand for the EURUSD.

    Both levels are holding an unfilled order there, I'll trade those levels

    Only at the first time the price touches them. i'll sell at the supply,

    And buy at the demand.

    Enter The Trading view and as you will See Supply already done now its getting close to Demand:


    Happy Trading all ;)
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    On the 4-hour timeframe (H4), the pair is continuing to test the resistance line of the trend:


    This resistance line of the upwards trend has been holding up the euro from rising further against the dollar.

    The complete information is in
  3. Yes you are correct Forexboy17 - Eurusd Pair at Support Levels will include 1.2220 & 1.2204 give or take a few pips to either side of these Support Levels is the Current Rate Low Price. The Eurusd Pair will than Rise from these Support Level Areas towards 1.3706 or there abouts as of the Monthly Chart Cycle High. Where Resistance Level at 1.3706 will become apparent toward A Trend Reversal toward Monthly Chart Cycle Lows. Got it. Only Positive Vibs.
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    Are you a person or a bot?
  5. Eurusd Pair Low at 1.2163 is the Support Level Area - Price is Expected to Rise from this level - Buy & Hold, Long Term - High Mark is Expected at 1.3586 At the Monthly Chart Cycle High. - Where Resistance Level at 1.3586 or there abouts - Will become apparent toward A Trend Reversal toward Monthly Chart Cycle Lows. Got it. Only Positive Vibs.
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    Level 1.2280 was an absolute surprise for me, but I haven’ closed the order yet. Therefore, I’m still trading. I hope luck will be on my side)
  7. Eurusd Pair Spot Price 1.2309 Support Level is allocated at 1.2150 as of this morning. High Mark & Close Bar is Expected at 1.3586 or thereabouts give or take a few pips of overbought value. - Rates looks Good to Go - At Buying into the Trend - Use below Low Bar & Support Level at 1.2150 as stoploss placement once the Price has Move On. - As Added Note: To Advanced Traders - There are 2 Resistance Levels to watch out for these are at 1.2552 & 1.3041. - This is A Breakout Trend High from the Current Low at 1..2150. So should prove to be A very simple Uptrend Phase without any complications. --- Market Commentary provided by A Market Theorist.
  8. - Where I add A Journal - Is that the Rate as been Evaluated at 100% (percent) Accuracy as to the Price Moving Onwards - As well for saving me Time in remaining you about the Current Trend Direction & Covers - For the sake of Constant Reminders whilst the trend is in Transit - And at Best shows Advise that you can put into Practical Use whilst you increasing your knowledge around the Forex Market.
  9. EurUsd Pair Spot Price 1.2412 Heres An Interday Play for yer - Buy at 1.2412 - Stoploss is placed at 1.2384 at 26 pip away - High Mark & Close Bar (my target) is at 1.2445 Allocating 35 pip to already Profitable Targets.
  10. A Good Support Level towards Buying into the UpTrend is Allocated at 1.2370 or just before this Level. Please refer to My Previous Comment entered above as of Further Details & Market Commentary towards the prevailing Trend.
    Stoploss was tagged at 1.2384 As of the Interday Play Position but than I have the good sense to pull my stop back a little.
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