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  1. With the POSSIBILITY of ECB cutting rates on Thursday, I would be reall nervous going long this pair.

    Hourly channel being around 1.2300 I don't see what's going to drive EUR/USD up to that level.

    Shorter term resistence level is around 1.2200 and I would be selling any bounce at this level having ECB rate decision on my mind
  2. T-REX


    Look out below!:D

  3. An unforseen event may drive it to that level. That explains why you dont see it. If you did, you would be a trillionaire by now.

  4. estrader - Mr. Trillion Dollar Man
    Are you suggesting EUR/USD 1.2300 Before Thursday

    Unforseen events is how you became a trillion dollar man ?

    My suggestion don't trade blind.

    You don't know me, next time reply with something solid .
    This site is for informative purposes not for comments like yours