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  1. why's it on a tear today??!!

    shorted all way up and now down millions :mad:

    it's like f^cking unrelentess
  2. I think you meant to say "relentless"

    yeah I was wondering the same thing.
    Looks EURUSD heading to 1.3550 area before turning back. May be look for pullbacks to go long.
  3. Damn, why're you trying to call a top?

    I bought 2 breakouts today and rode 'em all the way up to 1.3000.
  4. in my nature to be contrary :(
  5. didn't obey any resistance today, why?
  6. got my azz handed to me today i dont know why :confused:
  7. I had my best day in 2 weeks.
  8. right now short 500,000 units am i gonna get hiosed :confused:
  9. It depends. What were the reasons you're short? What's your stop? What's your target area?
  10. The fed is printing way more dollars than the ECB.
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