EUR/USD Will keep on falling?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by DRiSsT, May 27, 2008.

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    When will the EUR/USD stop? It seems its on its way down, waaaay down. Great oportunity for sellers. I entered at 1.57509 it is at 1.56761 thats a lot of pips for me im at a trailing stop of 50 now cause i fear it will go up. I am new at this, can you advice me anything? is there something im doing wrong besides not catching it earlier?
  2. You put on that stop during your only rational point of the trade. Now it is your job to obey that stop and learn to love losers if you don't make money on this trade.

    You'll find that there are 4 possible outcomes for every trade:
    1. You obey your rules and make money. Good job, move on to the next trade.
    2. You obey your rules and lose money or scratch. Good job, move on to the next trade.
    3. You disobey your rules and lose money or scratch. You got slapped on the hand, hopefully you will learn from this.
    4. You disobey your rules and make money. This is the absolute worst possible trade you can make and you will begin to question your rules in the future.

    Good trading.
  3. I got a schiff fork on a 4hr chart for EU and I see a bullish signal

    soon if it falls to around 5455
  4. It has been an excellent bearish run, with good opportunities to enter, that 1.5400 area looks like a solid support...
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    Really liked this post. Thought it was simply yet brilliantly put. Thanks.
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    Anything wrong, hmmm, like another posted said, why did you enter? wheres ur tp? which ways the pressure? on which tf? All these question you should be answering......
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    I took a 613 pip profit. I was going to close but i just thought it might go up so i put a trailing stop at 50. The market went in my favor and then it returned closing the trade leaving me with 613 pips profit... I rarely do this much and when i do its not that often i just wait for the right one to come along. Like a snake, motionless, then when i see my op i strike.
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    It's rising again 1.57 now
  9. no v bottom on this chart
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    very interesting chart, where did you get it?
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