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    with 70k of the jobs in the monster number last week being from the strike in california and the weeker data today does anyone see the downside to being long the euro over the weekend the 18.80 level held firm and i dont think intrest rates are going up before the election one month does not make up for crappy job numbers for the last couple of years also it seems the geo political risk is all against the dollar i think this could be the start of a signifigant bounce maybe 122.15 area just curious of other peoples opinions
  2. I don't think the correction is over yet. We should at least see 1.1750 and probably lower. I think this correction will drag on longer than most people think. Perhaps a couple of months.
  3. Because of the I trade the rising dollar would put me in profit for sure, however, it would only be temporary.

    The dollar has been being driven on 100% rumors since it reached 1.2929.

    First it was the EU interest rate cut, then it was the US better job scenario, then (and now) it was/is the US interest rate hike rumor.

    None of which has manifest.

    A single freak spike in jobs number doesn't warrant either a 10 cent fall in EUR/USD nor a US interest rate hike.

    Even if the US raised its rate 2 points SO WHAT? The USD is STILL a piece of **** whose nation is going down the tubes (with me in it) due to the national debt, trade/budget deficits and an "Evil" demon-chasing freak for a president who is seen by the world as the dumbest mutherf***** on the planet.

    NONE of that has been addressed yet the dollar gains 10 cents??

    Give me a break.

    All my indicators still point to EUR/USD going to 1.5000 as I have watched it go to 1.1900.

    Oh well... good thing my "system" self-adjusts (you hear that Lauren "mytwocents"? Just think about it the next time you go to bed alone... and horny).


    If the dollar does reach 1.17 better be prepared at the slightest hint of a turnaround due to eco or international problems for it to spike to over 1.30 in a heartbeat.

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    Unemployment is much higher in Europe and the economies are hardly growing. it costs 25,000 euros just to register a company in Germany. European countries are also breaching the terms of the stability pact so the euro could collapse. bank of china have a no touch option at 1.1850 so they are buying to keep it touching this level. The deficits may be large in america but there is more chance of growth than in europe.
  5. Yeah but the EURO has 18 nations! The USD is only ONE nation... and its eco director (Greenspan) has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peal.

    Not to mention that the US is quickly becoming the most hated nation on earth - yeah, tell me that does a lot of good for international trade exchange.

    Not to mention that the EU has long term trade sanctions against the US that have yet to take effect, tons of illegal aliens who are working in America and God only knows what they are doing with the money they earn - yet BUSH OKs them ALL to become citizens.

    Nice guy.

    Listen to me, here I am still thinking that a rising dollar will hurt my position. Ha! If the dollar fell to 1.0000 right now I'd get rich!

    The way I trade, if I DO run into a positional direction problem it is only temporary and I come out smelling like a rose.

    Does this girl have a hot body or what?

  6. It's interesting to think about the new Osama tape. If we assume that Osama has already been captured and is being held by the Americans for presentation right before the pesidential election, then this tape could have been created by the American government in order to weaken the Euro. I firmly believe that the Euro is weak enough on its own. As soon as investors realize that Europe is still Europe and bringing the likes of Romania and Bulgaria into the European Union will not mean instant prosperity for every European, we should see the Euro get back in line at or under 1.00. What, then, does the Osama tape mean? Probably nothing. Like with most things in politics, it was probably authored by partisans who don't understand the economy enough to matter. All they were probably thinking was, The only argument against the "instant gain" of at least 10% that all American investors have felt this past year is that it does not really mean anything if the dollar has weakened by 30% against the Euro. Therefore, they figure, if we can get the Euro to drop as well, nobody will be able to argue that the dollar has weakened. And the few who babble about gold and silver and the US constitution have long been branded weirdos, so it is not necessary to lower the price of gold or silver. If anyone calls those metals "real money" just give an answer like "I don't know which century you live in ..."
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    The euro is the currency of twelve European Union countries, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle (namely Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Finland).
  8. Just give it a few more years and the Euro will be the currency of a whole nother cesspool of natios used to cruel leaders, re-indoctrinated by the communists to not believe in anything except hatred and lazyness, while suffering great hardship under a kind of proletarian elite. The one thing those people WILL happily do is become "sophisticated consumers", i.e. spend more than they make. But IMHO the whole world is on the fringe of a great epiphany: You can't have an economy run by consumers. The consumer is motivation, but just because demand is there does not mean there will be production.
  9. Did I write 18?? Gee... I mean 12... 12... yeah, TWELVE is what I mean, heh.