EUR/USD to 1.55!!!

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by OddTrader, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. EUR/USD moving down to 1.55 before going up again!!! :D
  2. Any particular reasoning you'd like to share as to why you believe that?
  3. That's partly done according to Jack H's methodology!

    I know you wouldn't believe that is true! :p
  4. No, not if you're using Hershey's method as backup.
  5. I always want to earn total pips each day equal to three times of daily range, as Jack promised!

    Actually who doesn't!
  6. PaulRon


    if eur/usd goes to 1.55 i'm going all in 400:1
  7. You'd better check with Jack first for that!
  8. PaulRon


    fuck jack
  9. Now is 1.575, dropped by 200 pips. Not bad at all! :D
  10. Yes, good call. It was a much needed correction. Now we'll see if it's going to be deeper and the start of a bigger correction or just a bounce back up.
    #10     Apr 18, 2008