EUR/USD to 1.2700s?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sKaLpZ, Jun 17, 2005.

EUR/USD to 1.2700s?

  1. Yes, EUR/USD is headed to 1.2700s.

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  2. No, it's not.

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  1. Is EUR/USD going to 1.2700s?

    Yes or No?

  2. taodr


    EUR/USD 1.1600s
  3. What timeframe are you talking about?
  4. from here out.

    current market = 1.2240.
  5. What make's you think it will hit that number?

    Not sure if you trade AUD/USD but im short right now, and life's pretty good right now :) lol, but what do you think it?
  6. Well, since we've swung basically on air again (this time downward), I mean, nothing economically bad has actually manifest in the euro zone, there hasn't been a substantial retracement in EUR/USD even though we just about crashed thru 1.2000.

    This is almost a one-way spike from the high 1.3400s since mid-March: It's still 1400-pips in 90-days.

    Seems to me the market is trying to "price in" certain factors to justify the tumble but those may just spin around and take a bite out of assured traders' butts, similar to the way they did when "euro was going to 1.4000" only to end up down 1650-tics at 1.2000.

    As far down as indicators may point, still there really isn't anything substantial in the market to base and sustain such a sudden swing down.

    One may conclude that a 500+ point retracement is in order.
  7. When would you enter it?