EUR/USD to 1.1950 by this Friday

Discussion in 'Forex' started by uninvited_guest, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. I predict that the EUR/USD will hit 1.1950, or less, in 5 days.

    The EU is falling apart and people will look to the US for answers, and buy the USD to cover their asses.

    I already have a EUR/USD short trade open to take advantage of this.
  2. i would short the EUR/USD, but as to the level, can't tell u
  3. simsim


    1.2259 is the Critical Point, if it Crosses up the I will go long else if it stays below 1.2259 I will go short today.
  4. This is an extremist viewpoint. I would caution taking these types of polar strategies.
  5. all we been doin' is climbing since open.

    that's hardly the way to get under 1.2000 by Friday. :)

    I think UG may be experiencing "irrational exuberance."
  6. the EU is not falling apart , you are in a losing trade
  7. Granted - the € rose quickly during the last months of 2004, and US$ quickly got regained some of it's losses early this year ...
    But given those sharp movements, one should not start seeing the doomsday for the €, just because it isn't 1.50 against the US$ yet.
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    Agreed, i was long the day when the statement to consider reverting back to the Lira hit the newswires and was stopped out in my long trade. I longed again upon seeing that the response was muted. Long story short, i closed the trade when the price hit my limit after NFP was out. I'm long now again..After that bozo came out with that statement, the contratrian in me is screaming "BUYeeeeeee!' :D
  9. My trade is still open. Getting close to stop but still open.

    * EUR/USD sell @1.214
    * Stop @ 1.314
    * Leverage 200:1
    * 10K ($50.00)
    * Maximum loss $100.00
  10. skipper


    what platform are you using that printed a sell at 1.214?
    A stop at 1.314? That's a 1000 pips stop, no? Even with a mini account,you'll lose $1000. :confused:
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