EUR/USD smell

Discussion in 'Forex' started by KS96, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. KS96


    Currently @ 1.1780

    It smells like a quick run up to 1.20...
    Anyone else smells this?

    (also, EUR/JPY ---currently 139.89--- smells like 142+)

    Anyone short? :D :D :cool:
  2. Digsyman


    I do not smell that. I see very important technical levels at 1.1870-1915. So, I will short again and again until these levels will be broken. The daily chart is still downside. So I will wait until volatility will become lower to short again. ;)
  3. KS96


    Everybody can see that...don't be a sucker...:D :D :D
  4. I agree. Posted this in another thread couple days ago.

    11-21-05 01:53 PM

    Long Again. @ 1727. Anyone else??

    Target 1 = 1923
    Target 2 = 2016

    Might need straight jacket for this one.

    Hoping some longer term shorts will finish squaring this morning for fear of a move up.
  5. Right now with EURUSD back at 1710 is an excellent opportunity in my opinion. I know it's hard to imagine, but I think next week will see at least 250 ticks up next week. Could be more. I think evey dollar in the world was bought the last couple days. Must have been repatriating Turkeys or something. I think this is a critical level if it holds.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let's hope it works out. :)
  6. Just put in a long(eur/usd) at 1.1715

    I am also long USD/CAD :)
  7. This was a nice trade if you got short on the spike up Good call.
  8. Digsyman


    I do not see any reason to buy euro right now and right here. First of all, I like to have a rest on weekends and not to think about opened positions and worry about them. :)

    I assume that upside correction looks very real because there interest rate decition planned on December 1. I guess it there will be a good chance to short after December 1 :) and I will do that!
  9. This was what I call a Vertical Market opportunity. Whew!!

    Hope everyone shared in a piece of this today. Good trading to all.
  10. This is interesting.
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