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  1. Hello, I'll try to post some signals for the EUR/USD future (current contract). My objective is to test the underlying strategy (which i won't disclose) without being able to cheat myself. I don't claim that the signals will be profitable.

    The following is valid only for the upcoming globex session for the symbol 6EM6:

    When last price hits 1.2883:

    Go long at 1.2908, target 1.2932, stop 1.2883.

    Go short at 1.2858, target 1.2834, stop 1.2883.

    Only take the first trade (either long or short). Exit any open position at the end of the globex session.

    If I didn't make a mistake, numbers should be symmetrical. I plan to post the outcome tomorrow.
  2. Result for may 31:

    long at 1.2908, stop at 1.2883, -25 pips (commission and slippage not included).
  3. Signal for the current globex session:

    Long at 1.2872, target 1.2914, stop 1.2830. Exit open position at the close of globex session.
  4. If you want to keep the mechanics of your strategy private, why are you bothering to post the trades?

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    At least he's putting in stops and targets. If anything, you are putting in more time to learning the markets. Good luck
  6. June 1: no trade.

    Signal for june 2 (globex session)=

    If price hits 1.2822:

    Long entry at 1.2845, target 1.2868, stop 1.2822.

    Short entry at 1.2799, target 1.2776, stop 1.2822.
  7. Result for june 2:

    Long entry 1.2845; target 1.2868, +23 pips.

    Signal was good for much better profit though, made over 100 pips without ever coming near its stop loss level.
  8. Signals for the next globex session:

    If price hits 1.2940:

    Buy at 1.2968, target 1.2996 stop 1.2940.

    Short at 1.2912, target 1.2884, stop 1.2940.

    Only the first signal is valid! Exit open position EOD!
  9. Made a mistake calculating entry and exit levels for today. Difference entry - target and entry - stop should have been one fifth of dailyATR(5). After friday's close my chart showed 141 pips for daily ATR(5), so I posted a difference of 28 pips (141/5) between the levels.

    However, after checking another charting application, I found that dailyATR(5) was only 117 on friday. So correct levels would have been: activation trigger 1.2940, long entry 1.2963, target 1.2987 = profit of 23 pips.

    Based on the wrong numbers from my previous post, results were activation trigger 1.2940, long entry 1.2968, target 1.2996 was narrowly missed (HOD at 1.2992), then stop at 1.2940 was hit before price rebounded = loss of 28 pips.
  10. Signal for the current session:

    Long at 1.2951, target 1.2976, stop 1.2926.
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