EUR/USD short/long entry order

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  1. This is a trade I placed Sunday night. I plan on posting similiar live trades in the future with charts at entry and exit. This trade is completed and this post is a test to see how the charts look.

    Time: Feb 12 2006 23:14 EST (times in 24-hour format).
    Quote: EUR/USD 1.1890.
    Enter to Buy @ 1.1920, Stop @ 1.1880, Trailing Stop @ 25 pips.
    Enter to Sell @ 1.1860, Stop @ 1.1900, Trailing Stop @ 25 pips.
    Maximum Loss: 80 pips.
    Maximum Gain: n/a


    Outcome of trade - 40 pip loss

    EUR/USD 30 minute chart - Feb 13 19:30 EST

    1: Order placed Feb 12 2006 23:14 EST.
    2: Buy order activated at 2:31 EST.
    3: Stop hit at 4:25 EST for 40 pip loss.
    4: Sell order unfilled and cancelled at 19:30 EST.

    Comments welcome.
  2. Buy1Sell2


    What was the reason for 119.20 as the buy target and how far in advance did you pick that target
  3. Buy target (and Sell) was +30 (-30 for sell) pips of quote at time of trade. Using the 30 minute chart going back 50 trading hours.

    I didn't post my chart at entry, I will in the future. I also might start a journal in the "Forex Trading" section with all my charts