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  1. Hello All, my expectation is there will be another wave up after 5 — tho my expectations have been known to change. Wallace.
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    I think we will have a rebound at aprox. 1.1743 . Fifth Elliot wave.
  3. Hello All, my EUR/USD chart/projection is now obviously completely incorrect.

    For those of you who are interested I will post a new projection in the next few days. Wallace.
  4. Hello All, no projections, the 60 min is Adanced Get.

    Been hearing 'Dollar at record levels' and have included a Daily historical in case someone hasn't seen the data. Wallace.
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  6. Hello All, the recommendation is for an intermediate term Sell as indicated on the chart.

    I've been known to be wrong !

    Opinions/discussions welcome. Wallace
  7. Hello All, 60 min update. Wallace.
  8. new lows made in USD against EUR tonight in Asian trading

    the 123.50 area was hit
  9. Hello All, following is some Euro 'gossip'.

    From IFR Forex Watch SQUAWK BOX via fxcm:
    " EUR/USD: ECB Says No Intervention Until 1.35- Mkt News Boston, December 17.
    Market News International quotes an ECB source as saying that the CB has not discussed using intervention to halt the EUR rise and that intervention is not expected until near an all-time "synthetic" high around 1.35. The strong EUR could keep the ECB sidelined on interest rates until 2005. First steps against EUR/USD would be verbal, the source said. US officials have shown no interest in intervention, according to the report.
    Quasi-official selling remains on rallies and if EUR/USD can"t make hay on this report, than consider it a clear sign that the rally is running out of steam. 1.2380 and 1.2400 barriers lie above the market. -- Jamie.Coleman@thomson . com/rs "

    NB: Someone appears not to know the "... all-time "synthetic" high ..." is around 1.45. see chart #2 above: 'e 60 d nov 28.png'

    From IFR Forex Watch SQUAWK BOX via fxcm
    " OPTIONS: Maturity Calendar For Current Week San Francisco, Dec. 17th:
    Strikes due Thursday include EUR/USD at 1.2400 and 1.2550. -- Rhonda.Staskow@thomson . com "

    Or, see chart #4 above: 'e 60 Dec 15.jpg' — "Who's been looking at my chart ?". Wallace.
  10. the nice chart at the end of the yr ...

    also ...can you provide a nice chart for the Pound ?

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