EUR/USD option spreads in IB, no prices....

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jhaughey, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. jhaughey


    I'm not getting any quotes for standard option spreads in IB... (globex)
    all options with the XT abbreviation are the european style exercise, and oec the American...
    I can get quotes for XT, but none for EC, which is ok with me... however when I want an XT spread quote it mixes the styles up, thus no quote....

    Can any of you kind contributors help out with this one? The folks at IB just don't know what the hell I'm on about! its got me thinking I'm missing something pretty simple....


    PS when oh when will we get the long promised electronic grain and meat options with IB....
  2. Ditto on the second comment. :)

    I can't assemble a spread with XT options either. On the plus side (as it were), I've not been able to trade a futures option spread with eCBOT or Globex on IB no matter what underlying it is. ES calendar, vertical, straddle, strangle--all report an error.

    Have you had success with other futures?
  3. jhaughey


    thanks for the quick reply FA...Haven't actually tried any other futures, guess I should monday just to see....

    Are you legging in to your positions then?
  4. I am. The market maker in EuroFX is pretty aggressive and almost completely automated. You can make a pretty good bid and just be left to hang there for quite a while, so spreading is pretty rough.
  5. Am I correct that XT currency options expired today at 10 am est?

    If one is long an option that expires in the money, I assume it is exercised automatically -- when exactly does the futures position show up in one's account?
  6. I believe it expires today at 2pm central time.

    It should show up tomorrow. LTD for the futures contract is 12/18.
  7. edit: I was told by CME that the globex traded options expired at 9am, and the pit traded ones expired at 2pm yesterday?
  8. I was just interpreting from their web site, so I'd take the word of CME over me any day. :)
  9. He seemed a bit unsure himself hehe, so who knows. Thanks.