EUR/USD on Oanda

Discussion in 'Forex' started by lnypng, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Anyone have any explenation for what happened between 12:40 to 12:50 CST on the Oanda platform, or was I the only one having problems????
  2. Tell us what happened. Did something happen with EUR/USD?
  3. lnypng


    Mkt didnt move for like 5-8 minutes before hand then out of nowhere huge spike and then back to where it started?!? Im estimating about 180 pip move.
  4. Right, see the parallel NZD thread.
  5. omnpmh


    A 200 points huge spike.
  6. Spikes are used when bucketshop owners want to impale happy go lucky traders.
  7. Bucketshops generally tend not to 1) acknowledge their data errors within minutes, and 2) undo unfairly executed fills automatically, unprompted.
  8. It shows a spike, but I don't believe Oanda took out any stops. Mine wasn't hit. If yours was, contact them and they'll fix the problem.
  9. I did not say Oanda was a bucketshop.
    You presumed that I did.
    Did you get impaled?

  10. Actually there were spikes on a number or pairs and crosses which did trigger stop orders. To Oanda's credit everything was rectified within a number of hours. All positions were returned with the appropriate interest.
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