EUR/USD Long Term Historical Chart

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  1. Does anyone know where to access a long term historical chart for the Euro that dates back to at least 1900? I had found one years ago that I speculate went back as far as it's inception. I could see the exchange rate back in the 14, 15, 1600's. It was all just a straight line throughout the years with a crazy spike and then resuming back to normal. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark the site.
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    that's interesting that you found a euro chart dating all the way back to the 1400s. what was this euro against?
  3. That is interesting b/c Euro come out as accounting currency only in 1999 and a physical currency came out in 2002. Hmmm....very interesting.
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    usd in 1400 LOL
  5. It was a EUR/USD chart.

    LOL Romik, it's true I swear it.
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    Even Pound Sterling does not go back to 1400, LOL

    Perhaps you were looking at the Aegina/Metapontum pair
  7. Maybe he means the 1.14 value range.
  8. For the years before the Euro, the theoretical value for the Euro was calculated on the DM/USD rate.
    So you can find charts for EURO/USD for the period before the introduction of the Euro.

    1400 means 1.4000 for those who didn't understand it. It was not the year 1400.
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