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  1. EUR/USD
    AUD/ "everything" thread dedicated to these BIG 3...

    as of right now...which are "bulls" and which are "bears" over the short (24 hour period or less) term or longer term (2-5 days).

    Please join up and share your insight etc....

    Please note your time frame...

    Forex trading...nothing like it!!!!
  2. I say sell signals on all 3 for into tomorrow Friday...selling off from today, thursday
  3. What shows you the short on AUD/USD?
  4. da-net


  5. Hello,
    I use Constant Volume charts for stocks but is volume reported in currency pairs so I could use CVC with them or must I use Tick or time charts? Thank you.

  6. There's no reportable volume in Spot Forex. Some brokers make available their own internal "volume" which is pretty much worthless. Spot Forex, unlike say, the Futures market, does not have a centralized exchange.
  7. ye ole trendline down...get a chart out and watch it head south for a sell signal
  8. this is totally confirmed and happening today, friday
  9. Euro/Usd finding serious support at 1.2626...breaks crashes to 1.2400
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